Mergers and acquisitions

With its impressive economic development for the last decade, a rapidly growing middle class and cheap labor Ethiopia has become a popular destination of foreign investment.  Our services in this regard include:

  • Conducting Legal Due Diligence on target local companies, providing an in-depth assessment of the Company’s corporate standing, compliance with labor, health and safety, environmental law and licensing regulations, review of material contracts, intellectual property and real property as well as litigation. Our due diligence report flag out potential areas of concern and liabilities for the foreign investor, and provide recommendations on how to address the same.
  • Drafting Transaction Documents: in the past, we have drafted transaction documents for acquisition deals, including share transfer agreements, shareholder agreements, share subscription agreements, technical service and intellectual property licensing agreements, management services agreements and the like. When necessary, we also review draft transaction documents prepared by foreign counsels of clients to ensure compliance with Ethiopian law.


  • Processing Approvals and Registrations: acquisition transactions need to go through a series of approvals from regulatory authorities on tax, competition and foreign investment. With our extensive experience and local law expertise, we assist clients to get such approvals, including share transfer tax clearances, approval from Trade Competition and Consumer Protection Authority, as well as permit from the Ministry of Trade. We prepare and process notarization of local law documents required for such transactions such as share transfer resolutions, and amendments to corporate documents. We have attached a list of M and A transactions in which our law office was involved.

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